Daily Dose #30

Thoughts/stuff from today:

1. I should just start over on numbering these. I skip too many days between.

2. AND TAEMIN HAS 4 FLIPPIN EAR PIERCINGS!!!!!! SINCE WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN, EH?!?!? I wasn’t gone that long. Like a week. In like a month he’s overtaken Jjong and is catching up to Key. I thought he wanted to be less feminine? Not that he looks like a girl with them in or anything, because I find it strangely attractive, but I just don’t understand anything anymore.

3. I miss Minho. TT~TT

4. I’m too tired to be wasting my time writing this. But I will anyways.

5. Onew is a smooth person and I wish people would recognize that. Or may be he really is just clumsy so the moments he’s actually pretty damn cool make me think otherwise. Or maybe that’s what makes him so cool, because he’s never cool in the first place. Point of the rant is that Jinki is amazing and I love him and he needs to remain a klutz with moments of smoothness because it’s just not the same without his sangtae.

6. I still want to see Taekey with dark hair. And Onew with red. I still can’t figure out who’s had the most hair colors. I think it’s Taemin by now. He had those couple weeks during Sherlock promotions where his hair changed every other day. He had his ashy red hair that I remember from IMS, light brown extensions, auburn extensions, short extensions, back to the ashy brown, some weird red color I think, and then he went blonde again and I seriously can’t even remember a time when he wasn’t blonde because It. JUST. CHANGES. SO. DAMN. QUICKLY.

7. And Onew still needs a haircut. Just a trim. I love the long hair and all, and I realize he must feel sexier swishing it about, but I miss his short hair.

8. Still missing Minho.

9. Key should change his hair too. He’s kept it way too long, the exact opposite of Tae, and it’s surprising because it seems like he’d be the one willing to dye it blue or something. But dying hair the color of the rainbow isn’t a SHINee thing (I don’t really count the RDD highlights or Taemin’s bright red locks) so yeah.

10. I’ve been thinking about hair too much.

Daily Dose #29

Thoughts/stuff from today:

1. Totally going to learn Onew’s ttakbam. Just realized moments ago that there’s a walnut tree(?) in my back yard so I have enough supplies to last a year. Poor Jinki’s finger. I’ve been practicing today and it’s seriously painful. But it’s no wonder his middle finger looks pudgier than the others (I was rewatching the Shinhwa broadcast for the eighth time and noticed it) because it’s some serious exercise.

2. And I think I underestimated how much I really like Jinki. Like, Minho has always been my ultimate bias, and I think we have extremely similar personalities (he’s basically my guy counterpart) which is why I like him so much. But then I see Onew and it’s just like… Wow. You’re so mature and lovely and charming and just… I want you to take care of me and hold my hand and hug me and I want to play with your wonderful hair because you’re so wonderful and amazing and I really just hate who ever is going to be  lucky enough to have your love.
And I really do think he’s never dated before, because let’s be honest here, despite how adorable we call the members in their pre-debut days, all of them look a bit questionable. I realize it was the early 2000’s when fashion was disgusting, but I really don’t think Jinki was ever going to get a girlfriend then. Actually, until Kibum lost his baby fat he wouldn’t have gotten one either. BUT ANYWAYS (me and my rants) and I feel like Jinki really does put all his focus on one thing, and since he’s dedicated to his work, he’d feel guilty about dating a girl and not being able to do everything for her like he should. Isn’t he lovely? Yeah.

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Daily Dose #28

Thoughts/Stuff from today:

1. Oh my god it’s like Exo all over again. In reference to f(x)’s comeback. Nothing against f(x), I actually like the song, but I follow SHINee blogs and therefore should see SHINee. Am I the only SHINee blog on here that reblogs only SHINee? And text posts.

2. I need to learn self control.

3. And how to finish requests in a decent amount of time.

4. WHY CAN’T I EVER FIND THE VIDEOS I REALLY WANT TO WATCH!?!?! I just wanted to watch the rehearsal where Minho flips his shirt up but I can’t find it and the only link I did find requires a Korean social security code and I’m not a Korean citizen ;____________;

5. The rant I sent to my friend about SHINee on that Shinhwa show: Ahem… 

Time for fangirling  time with Emma!!

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Daily Dose #27 (Technically)

Thoughts/Stuff from today/past month:

1. Daily Dose will most likely become Weekly Dose because I’m just too lazy to keep up a journal every day, which is odd because I love to write. And talk about myself. JK.
I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll probably just contradict myself. Yeah.

2. We shall now commence. Ahem… MY GOD CHOI MINHO!!!!! YOU CAN’T JUST GO AROUND FLASHING YOUR ABS TO RANDOM PEOPLE! Seriously, I saw that gif and I really forgot to breathe for about minute. Geesh. And on top of that you dyed your hair back to black and it’s been so long since it’s been short and black and I know it’s just for your sitcom but it makes me so happy because I forget that you’re Asian sometimes and your hair is naturally black and just adsl;fkasfd;lj.

3. And referring to previously mentioned sitcom: Hana Kimi is like my all time favorite drama so you’d better not screw it up, Choi. I don’t care if you’re my bias. As your fan I can say that your awkward acting is somewhat endearing and I really can’t hate you because it’s just not possible for my heart to do such a thing, but don’t screw this up! Haha, good luck my friend. I love watching you in dramas.
And I’m not a big fan of Sulli being the girl-crossing-dressing-as-a boy-role. First of all, she’s a tad too pretty to be a convincing boy, so hopefully the stylists work something out there. Second of all… I don’t dislike Sulli, but I don’t like her very much either. I like Luna and Victoria’s personalities in f(x) and she’s just kind of there for me. Plus, I would rather have someone not from the same company work with Minho but you now, beggars can’t be choosers and I’m just happy Minho’s in a drama again. Actually, I’m just happy he’s on TV. He needs to get back on Dream Team. And Star King. Actually, the all just need to get back to Korea. Seriously, they were gone for a year and a half (which is like a ten year hiatus) and then they promoted for a month (which is technically like a week). Just… THEY’RE NOT JAPANESE, OKAY SM?! God, if you’re going to send them abroad so much then have them to a tour in America. 
End of sudden rant.

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Daily Dose #26

Thoughts/Stuff from today:

1. Fanwars. It’s not even wars it’ a war. I love my fandom when we all get along and are all happy-go-lucky but this is just unbelievable.

2. GUYS. KEY HAS NOT BEEN “OUTED”. If anyone would read the account more clearly he failed on the question of liking anyone of the opposite sex. He just happened to answer that he didn’t like any idols (because people tend to ask idols if they have an ideal type). The words got twisted by Shindong (who is not a bastard I may add) and he asked again if he liked a girl and Key said “no” again. This does not mean he’s gay, people. You can say he’s gay when he comes out during and says it himself.

3. And MVP’s… Oh my god. I personally love Jinki. As mentioned in a previous post I think our personalities are very similar and we react the same way to things. But MVP’s are starting/continuing to complain about Onew being depressed and needing to snap out of it and go back to normal and I just want to beat some of these people with a shoe because if they paid as much attention to Jinki as they claim to have done then they would notice he’s been like this before. Yeah, I’m worried about him all time. I worry about all the members when they have a mood change that drastic enough for me to pick up on, but we have no control over that. I don’t want to brush it off, but I’m still going to love Jinki because he’s the same person. (But I have to admit I’m starting to pick up easily on his fake laugh and that radio show today was filled with it at times.)

4. I really thought Key was wearing short shorts today. Scared the crap out of me. I love his style because it’s so wild, but that would be freaky. (Honestly, Minho’s style is my fave.)

5. I wish I wasn’t tone deaf.

6. I need to work on evening out my skin tone. I’m pale in the parts that see daylight and dead white in the other areas. 

7. Why is Jonghyun so charming sometimes? Is he the bias list wrecker for everyone else, too?

8.  I lost all my thought again.

Daily Dose #25

Thoughts/Stuff from today:

1. It’s too hot. We basically skipped spring.

2. I think it’s hilarious (total lie right there) how we’re like the only fandom that doesn’t fight with other fandoms, but with ourselves. Seriously, Shawols are like children sometimes and other times are really profound and mature. I consider myself one of the latter, but most fall into the first category and are whiny, ignorant, careless, thoughtless, and completely irrational. Already a war has started up again—and it’s because of pairings! Oh my god, really??? Really, guys? We stay out of the World War but have a Civil War every freakin’ two weeks. 

3. I’m not even going to get into pairings here because I’ve already had this discussion (like 2 days ago) with a friend. To make a long story less long, I do like Jongho and Minkey, but just as a fan. As a human being I see none of the SHINee members ever being in a sexual relationship with each other. Yeah, there are cute interactions and conversations, but I do a lot of cute things with my friends (boys and girls) but that doesn’t mean I want to get down their pants. Grow up, people. “Innocent until proven guilty” right? Don’t start saying the boy’s are gay for each other until they literally say it out right that they are. Stop twisting everything.

4. And then there’s the whole deal with Jinki being depressed again. Yeah, he’s a lot quieter than before the comeback, but there have been several times that he’s been like this. I always worry about him, and the other members, but I’m not going to say “I want the old Onew back” because he’s still Jinki. I don’t want to say “let him be” either, but we don’t have control over  him or his personality. Everyone feels a bit down once in a while. Jinki and I actually have really similar personalities. Bright and bubbly, concerned and mature, enjoy’s company of others but is easily irritated and wants to be alone at times; He’s a human being. They can’t always be butterflies and rainbows all the time.

5. On a lighter note… And I can’t believe Minkey actually did that. I know the back story, which makes things even funnier, but for Minho catch Key between the legs…? I can’t even.

6. I’m too tall for my track shorts. And fat. I feel really awkward.

7. I want to see SHINee on more reality shows. I know they just were filming for one, but I really like seeing them all together on stuff like that because of the way they interact. 

8. Actually, I really want to see Jonghyun act. Everyone else *coughMinhocough* has either been in a drama or had a cameo except Jonghyun. (I’m not really going to count Honey Pot on this, but it technically is a short drama thing) and I really want to see him out. I know he’s more for radio DJ-ing and prefers music related stuff, but that’s exactly why I love it when he steps out into the variety field. So, yeah. Onew and Jjong need to appear on Salamander Guru as well. 

9. WAE?!?! Why I am I so tired all the time?

10. I just want to eat everything.

Daily Dose #21, #22, #23, & #24

Thoughts/Stuff from the past four days:

1. I’m so lazy it isn’t even funny. T__________T

2. I watched all of the boys’ comebacks live. Every day. Three of them at 4AM and the last at 2AM. My sleep schedule is whack, but I feel very accomplished. 

3. The Ceci magazine BTS shoot… Oh. Em. Geeeeee. I think they used the music from Tron, though. But it was still really cool and Key really needs to be a model because he has such an incredible bone structure. Really. And Jjong cleans up really well.

4. Speaking of Jjong… Wear guyliner more often. Seriously, just wear it all the time. Wear it on stage, wear it on the streets, on radio programs, tv shows, in the shower… Just wear it. All. The. Time. It’s so sexy I think I might die. Or faint. Or die from asphyxiation. I really do think Jjong is about to over take Minho on my bias list; not necessarily in my heart, but their personalities are just so different (sorry to those who think they’re the same) and he’s so manly for someone so small, but it it’s just gaaaaahhhhhhhhh. I was watching Yunahanam the other day and the way he takes the lead in the relationship, his dominating personality, it’s just… IDEK. I’m being so shallow here. T___T Sorry, Minho.

5. Oh my god, Minho! (Yeah. Total 180) Why do you have to be so enchanting!?!?! WAE!?! Yeah, I was totally just following over Jonghyun but I’m just gonna dote on you because no matter how many abs you have that adorable smile you get on your face when you think no one’s looking is just heart stopping. I just walk to hug you and squeeze you and laugh along with your edearing laugh and look into your big doe eyes and smell you and just…. This is terrible. I’m a sl*t. (Not true. So not true. I’m just confused.)

6. And speaking of Minho… Heehee. No, but really. Minho’s my bias but until last Friday? I had never even seen an episode of Salamander Guru. But it was like 3AM and I couldn’t sleep and I found really HD eng subbed videos and I started to watch them and just… Okay, honestly Minho’s a (bit) awkward. But I find it endearing. I hate that they get just about every idol they can on the show, but I like how lighthearted it is. And I get to see Minho all the time ^^ It’s awkward, but I like his character and how cute he is and really, I love the way he dresses. His legs always look so long and perfect and now his hair is cut and he’s such a pretty boy. *Sigh* 

7. I love when SHINee’s on radio shows because all this stuff comes out. I swear the PD’s running them are geniuses with the questions they choose. On KTR the other day… Oh my god. Jongkey ganging up on Minho and then everyone getting onto poor Taemin and them all calling Onew “Jinki” and Jonghyun’s eyeliner and Amigo being played and them just being there… Ah, I miss them.

WARNING: The next part is extremely long and rant-ish and biased and gets into Shawols complaining about everything. 

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Daily Dose #20

Thoughts/Stuff from today:

1. I’m too tired to do this. T___________T The MV came out at 3AM (which is exactly when I woke up to prepare for everthing (i.e. comeback)) and I stayed up till 6:30 in the morning and then slept for two hours because I had track practice. Was it worth it? Hell yeah, but I’m exhausted and there’s no way I’m making it for Music Bank. Another 4AM night’s not happening.

2. I will upload a video for my reaction/POV on the MV and comeback later. Once I sleep. And actually film it.

3. TBC

Daily Dose #19

Thoughts/Stuff from today:

1. The SHINee album pics… Yeah… Oh. My. God. Yeah… I just… Yeah… I don’t even know what to say about them. Jonghyun’s abs, Key’s femininity, that beautiful beautiful pic of Jinki and the twinkling lights. Krrrrrrhhhhhhh. But why was there not Minho, eh? Did no one get the Minho photobook?!?! I wanted to see him :( And Taemin, too… Yeah… He got a lot of pics, but I’m not as interested in Tae.

2. SM is not the troll here. The SHINee fandom is. All these rumors… Aish~

3. The MV comes out at 4AM here. It’s only 9PM and I’m about to pass out. Plus I have track practice in the morning. BUT I WILL STAY AWAKE! I WILL!!! *must find something to do to stay awake*

4. It’s like the silence before the storm. Dash is dead.

5. I’m actually looking forward to the comeback stage. I really don’t care that much about the MV anymore. See, SM, this is your problem. SHINee’s probably lost fans because they haven’t been in Korea for so long.

6. So tired~ T__________________T

7. I suck at using my webcam.

8. I’m not going to make it.

9. I miss SHINee.

10. T__________________________T

Daily Dose #17

Thoughts/Stuff from today:

1. When ever I listen to Owl City I think of Taemin. I have no idea why. Must be the bubbly, new age-y feel. 

2. THE MV COMES OUT TOMORROW!!! At least, I think it does. It comes out on the 21st Korean time, so that would mean sometime tomorrow for us U.S. people. I’m not prepared at all. I think I’m gonna die from lack of oxygen or something.

3. Okay, if anyone actually reads these things then you should just move on because I’m going to be going into sensitive territory now (i.e. Shinee and dating) and it’s totally just me trying to organize my thoughts so move on. Yeah, just go.

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Daily Dose #16

Thoughts/Stuff from today:

1. Ahhh… I think I’m getting used to the perfection that is SHINee, so I candle handle my spazzing more. Plus I spazzed a crap load earlier when the teaser came out so I’m all spazzed out. But… OH MY FREAKIN’ GOOOOOOOOOOD!!! lajfa;ofaofhawk;fj;oasfjaoeifj;oasfja. IDEKA. The boys are just incredible. The dance and the outifts and the everything is just ald;fkjads;flj. Jjong has eyeliner, guys. GUYLINER. And Key painted his freakin’ nails. How hot is that? (Not hot to normal people, but to us it’s hot.) And then Taemin’s all pretty with his awesome hair and Jinki’s chillaxin like a boss and Minho’s all manyl and it’s just gaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. 

2. And the album… My goodness gracious angels from above. Sherlock/Clue/Note are all so catchy and addictive (even if they do say their name a smidgen more than they should) and I wish I didn’t have two left feet and a disconnected upper and lower body because I want to dance the choreo  for their songs so badly. But my fave song is The Reason. I love SHINee’s ballads. I don’t care if their a dance group; One, Life, The Name I Loved—I love them all. Don’t like Stranger all that much (except for Jonghyun’s awesome adlibbing) just because. It wasn’t my fave on The First and it’s not my fave in Korean, either.
And then there’s Honesty.

3. This one gets its own bullet.
Words cannot express what Jonghyun makes me feel when he writes music like this, or speaks likes this, or just does something where he feels so regretful and sorry towards the fans. He’s just… gah, I don’t want to call him an idiot but he really is a fool. A short, sensitive, thoughtful, romantic, caring fool. I just wish he would understand that true fans don’t care about “mistakes” he’s made. We’ll always be by his side no matter what, and as much as the sadist inside of me likes to see him cry, he needs to stop (unless they’re tears of happiness) because we don’t deserve his tears. He’s done so much—SHINee’s done so much—and as a fan I don’t care if they go off and date someone or if their voice cracks or if they shave their heads or start singing trot. I love them because they’re them, and I know that being a Shawol is something that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

3. Uh… I forgot what else I was going to say after that rant…

4. Yeah…

Daily Dose #15

Thoughts/Stuff from today:

1. That Ceci photshoot is perfection. (Even if it does remind me of Naruto and painters.) That’s all I can really say. Jjong revealed his abs, so I am content.

2. I feel bad for Taemin. He always has the really awesome performances on IS2, but he never wins. I know it’s a singing show so the audience and judges and whoever else votes is going to go with the more experiences singers, but his stages are pretty damn awesome. I could watch Taemin dance all day.

3. Minho’s laugh is addictive. I swear I can listen to that all day too. 

4. Onew is so adorable. Our sense of humor totally clicks, so every time he says something and everybody just stares at him dumbfounded I’m lmao. He’s so quick witted.

5. Kibum is so pretty. IDECA. Is that even an acronym? It is now. 

6. I wish my computer had a web cam.

7. I wish I wasn’t so poor so I could buy another computer with a web cam.

8. I hate how I write one Taemin scenario in like three hours and it gets more notes than anything else I write. Do people just not like Onew scenarios? Because I’ve put my soul into my current one and people never click the like button. I’m so selfish.

9. Oreos never last.

10. I think I’ve developed OCD. 

Daily Dose #14

Thoughts/Stuff from today:

1. Okay. SM is seriously pissing me off. I have nothing against Exo, nothing at all. In fact, I actually like there music (not as much as some groups, but I don’t hate them, which his an accomplishment on their part because I don’t like many groups). But yes, I am one of those fans who thinks that they’re getting way too much air time and SHINee’s not getting enough. Twenty-? video teasers really is excessive, and the boy’s don’t control that, the company does. And I’m not saying that SM “spent all their money” on Exo and left SHINee “naked”. Because that’s stupid to say. But SHINee hasn’t had a teaser yet and their MV release is like three days away. And today, as much as I love seeing them in street clothes and together, those pictures really just seem like an attempt at promoting. Which is fine and all, because it’s important for the fans to see them back as a group, but brief photos just seem kind of cheep to me. And I hate the fact that SHINee and Exo will be performing with eachother. I think if you’re from the same company, you comeback/debut/whatever at different dates. SM’s made this big ruckus about Exo and has, so far, left SHINee out a bit to dry. I feel like they’re trying to prove that Exo is better than SHINee. Now, I’m not trying to be defensive here because I think SHINee is the second best group here and that Exo’s going to take the cake in everything, I just think it’s proper company dynamics not to pit your stars against each other. And I’ve had the same viewpoint on this for months, because as soon as Exo started releasing their never ending line of promo’s I knew that it was going to overlap with SHINee. If Suju was coming back at this time I’d be just as PO’d. If f(x) and SNSD were performing at the same time, again, bring on the hostility and the WTF’s. This just makes me angry. 

2. … There’s not much left to say, now. That’s what’s been on my mind all day.

3. And I got a hair cut. Yeah.

Daily Dose #13

Thoughts/Stuff from today.

1. I has the strep throat. *proceeds to hack up lung*

2. Is it fate that the week I’m out sick from the school and the week I have spring break (next week) are all the days SHINee decides to release their stuff? I think it’s a sign. Of what, I’m not sure.

3. I’m starting to wish I wasn’t so tall. All you fan girls can at least imagine yourself with your biases, but here I am, being all… tall. I’m taller than Minho, guys. T____T  6’ 1” . I’m like two centimeters taller than Minho. (I like to think he’s grown and is like 184 cm now) And that is why Jonghyun and I will never be. Without his insoles… There’s probably more than half a foot difference. 

4. Why is it when I finally don’t feel like eating, I still try to eat food? I should be using this opportunity to stick to my diet for once.

5. I watched Jinki on Night Star and he’s moved up in the ranks again. He’s now tied with Jjong at #2 in my heart. Why? Because he’s adorable. And sweet, and charming, and handsome, and he has a lovely voice, and I actually like/understand his gag sense because it matches mine, and he’s mature, and caring, and wonderful, and amazing, and perfect… And then Jonghyun’s up there because he’s a bias list wrecker. It’s what he does.

6. I love the medley for the album. The third track is my favorite, but I love how Sherlock just naturally personifies the essence of SHINee. It fits their character well. I don’t like that they remade “Stranger” from their Japanese album. I would have preferred “Better” or “Always Love”, but whatev’s. I’ll be paying more attention to the other songs, anyways.

7. Jinki’s head isn’t atrocious anymore.

8. Minho… I hate you. That is now my new tag line for you. I hate you with a fiery passion of all the suns in the universe and all the magma beneath the crust of the earth. And beyond. Loathes of hate. 

9.  It’s harder to make a playlist than I initially expected.

10. I can’t stop coughing!

Daily Dose #12

Thoughts/Stuff from today:

1. SHINee is adorable.

2. I hate SM.

3. I’m too tired to write anything else.